BREAKING: Look Where Vegas Shooters’ Girlfriend Just Showed Up After Cops Released Her, Truth Is OUT..!

The world is reeling this morning after waking up to the gruesome news and footage from Las Vegas overnight when a gunman committed a premeditated massacre on country concert-goers. The shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, is dead and investigators were initially looking for his girlfriend as a person of interest. It took some time in finding her since she wasn’t near the scene, but were able to locate her and have since released her following questioning. “Mesothelioma Attorneys California”

There was no initial word about where Las Vegas police tracked down 62-year-old Marilou Danley at, just that they had found her and didn’t believe she was involved in her boyfriend’s massive attack. However, now, she’s now resurfaced somewhere else and it’s not looking too good for her and everyone wondering what the motive behind this attack is.

Paddock reportedly checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel on Thursday, three days before opening fire on hundreds of Route 91 music festival attendees. Police uncovered at least 10 rifles in Paddock’s room, who was dead of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound when SWAT blew his hotel room door open during the shooting, Fox News reported.

Danley was nowhere to be found, but some of her identification was discovered on her dead boyfriend who had used her information to check into the hotel. It’s odd that he would have her information considering she should have needed it to get to where she was later found.

Although investigators cleared Danley of involvement in this horrific attack, there’s a new round of questioning that needs to happen. It was reported that she was abroad at the time Paddock allegedly just “snapped” and committed this carefully planned atoriciopous act. Now, the Islamic State is claiming responsibility for his actions, saying that he converted to Islam several months ago, the Independent and Yahoo news are both reporting. “Mesothelioma Attorneys California”

While it seems that this is a way for the terrorist organization to take the “glory” of this mass murder, Marilou’s whereabouts may have provided the photo proof to back this statement up.

According to Newsweek, police monitoring the Las Vegas strip had already been on high alert the last several months since ISIS released a propaganda video of a plan of attack for this specific tourist spot. Perhaps Paddock beat them to the punch and they wanted the notoriety for it, so claimed it as one of their own. However, a photograph of the shooter’s girlfriend just surfaced showing what could be the connection to the claim.

While Marilou is a free woman right now and no longer suspected of involvement, her recent trip to the United Arab Emirates in Dubai is raising some eyebrows. It’s not indicated when the photo was taken but appears to be recent, causing some to question if this trip was around the time that her boyfriend and perhaps her converted to Islam, if what ISIS said is true.

Police stated today that Marilou was out of the country when they located her after the shooting. It wasn’t indicated where she was abroad when they held her for questioning, which seems questionable in itself. Furthermore, to travel abroad, she’d need all manner of identification, some of which was found on her boyfriend in his hotel room. How she was able to get abroad is a little odd but perhaps the timing of her trip was no coincidence – either for her safety or for Paddock taking advantage of the time she was gone to commit the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Considering what ISIS’ recent video urged followers to do, there seems to be some correlation to Paddock’s method of attack and perhaps a motive.The 44-minute-long video released in May showed footage of the Las Vegas strip from 2015, calling on its supporters to conduct attacks with knives and vehicles, everyday weapons that its supporters have already used many times in the West over the past several years. The footage also showed New York City and Washington, D.C. “Mesothelioma suit”

“The 44-minute-long video released in May showed footage of the Las Vegas strip from 2015, calling on its supporters to conduct attacks with knives and vehicles, everyday weapons that its supporters have already used many times in the West over the past several years,” Newsweek reported. “The footage also showed New York City and Washington, D.C.”

While they may not deserve “credit” for this massacre, the Vegas shooter should still be considered a terrorist, regardless. It’s probably not a coincidence that he attacked a country music venue where there would undoubtedly be a disproportionate amount of Trump-supporters. One of the performers on stage with Jason Aldean when shots started firing, had already received death threats for supporting President Trump.

Paddock’s brother, who lives in Florida, says that he and his family are completely dumbfounded by what he did. Eric Paddock claims in an interview with the Daily Mail that Stephen had “no political or religious affiliations,” he also admitted that living on the opposite coast, he hadn’t kept in contact with his brother. “Mesothelioma suit”Image result for BREAKING: Look Where Vegas Shooters’ Girlfriend Just Showed Up After Cops Released Her, Truth Is OUT!

Anything could have happened to his brother in that time that made him do what he did that ended with now 58 people dead, and rising, and 515 injured. It was planned, he didn’t just “snap” Sunday morning and do this.


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Famous Artist Who Painted Obama Stepping On The Constitution Just Released Trump’s Painting – Spot The Difference..?

There is a famous artist from Provo, Utah who painted a very controversial piece of art of a depressed man sitting on a park bench. He is surrounded by all of the 43 Presidents, and in the forefront, President Barack Obama with his back turned to him stepping on the United States Constitution. Now with the new American President, Donald Trump, he made a new painting and what a contrast of difference from the other. In this painting, you see the American people, different races, background professions surrounding the once depressed man who is now planting a tree, which could symbolize the tree of hope, and next to him is a woman and President Trump.

The title is perfect of Trump’s legacy “You are not forgotten,” because that’s what he promised to the American people that he will fight for the average American middle class, and he will not forget them. His Presidency of almost half a year has already shown his dedication to the people. Bringing jobs back to the people, getting rid of the dangerous Obama care. Taking the fight to terrorism instead of paying them. This painting sums it all.

Just like the painting of Obama. He said it himself that the Constitution has no meaning in his words. He has continuously ignored the laws of the Constitution, one of them being, bowing down to the enemies of the United States, which includes radical Islamist like ISIS, Taliban, North Korea and so on.

He cared more about himself than helping the regular blue collar Americans. He was a President of “open borders” which did not include immigrants who came to America legally. He supported terrorist groups in America known as black lives matter instead of supporting the police.

Via CBS Las Vegas:

Provo, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – In front of the White House a man is sitting on a park bench in the throes of depression. He is surrounded by all 43 presidents. In the forefront, purposefully ignoring the depressed man is President Obama, whose right foot is stepping on the Constitution. James Madison is next to Obama, pleading with him to stop.

This tableau is called “The Forgotten Man”, a painting by Jon McNaughton, an artist who is known for his politically-charged work.

The painting, which uses objects such as discarded dollar bills as symbols and scraps of paper with individual constitutional amendments scrawled onto them, has been making the rounds across the Internet.

The painting was initially released in 2010 and has resurfaced, causing a stir when it appeared for a caption contest on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s blog.

The responses have ranged from sarcastic — “We’ll trade you this peasant for that constitution. We’ll even throw in the bench.” — to Photoshop works of art.

McNaughton released an accompanying YouTube screen share video for his painting. The video shows McNaughton painting the piece with a soundtrack that emulates a movie trailer.

“For a long time I didn’t know if I wanted to paint this picture, because I worried it might be too controversial,” McNaughton explains in a voice over. “(T)his man (on the park bench) represents every man, woman, and child who is an American… he hopes to find the American dream of happiness and prosperity.

“But now because of unconstitutional acts imposed by the American people by our government we stand on the precipice of disasters,” he added.

McNaughton explained his position behind the painting. “I don’t place all the blame on Obama. On my website I try to explain what each president has done,” he said. “The thing I like about the painting is that it does get people talking.”

The painting has done well since it was released. “It sold thousands,” he told CBS Las Vegas. “I sold many different sizes and editions, and now that we are in an election year I expect to sell more.”

This isn’t the first time McNaughton waded into politically charged waters.

Previously, he released “One Nation Under God,” a painting depicting Jesus holding the Constitution and judging several archetypes such as a liberal journalist, a smug college professor, and another archetype that McNaughton calls “Mr. Hollywood.”

Originally from Arizona, McNaugton currently lives in Utah. He received a full scholarship to Brigham Young University. Initially he studied art, but switched to design later on.

“I hope my work will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level,” he says on his website. “I like to use metaphor and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

He later added to CBSLV: “I’m not trying to create an art style. I want to communicate my ideas. Isn’t that the purpose of art?”

Via YoungCons:

The picture shows Trump crushing the head of a snake under his heel.

The focus of the picture is ‘the Forgotten Man’ in the center who is seeking to encourage a sprout to grow from the earth.

That man is a focus of other McNaughton paintings.McNaughton’s ‘Forgotten Man’ theme coincides with Trump who touts a similar theme, that he is working in the White House for the forgotten Americans. Sarah Huckabee Sanders periodically reads letters during White House briefings from Americans to touch this sentiment.

President Trump’s America is the America that I grew up in, the America that I knew and love and it’s good to see it come back, yes it’s coming back with a fight but it is coming back. This artist’s painting has described the two Presidents perfectly in his art.

NFL Commissioner Just Made Shocking Announcement About Every Player Who Protested Anthem This Week..!

Colin Kaepernick left a legacy in the National Football League that the country thought would die with his career. Unfortunately, the start of the new season brought it back and was worse than before, with multiple millionaire players following in his anti-American footsteps. Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement from the Seattle Seahawks to disrespect the country at his first preseason game with the Raiders. Despite looking like a disrespectful idiot, his former teammate, Michael Bennett, decided to copy him and Kaepernick and sat the bench for the National Anthem as his team stood in front of him.In the same weekend, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins came forward to let all of his fans know what to expect this season, aligning himself with the now unemployable Kaepernick. According to CBS Sports, Jenkins protested during the 2016 season and revealed that he plans to protest every National Anthem throughout this season.

However, Jenkins isn’t just sitting like Lynch and Bennett. He’s stepping up his sick show of disrespect by raising his fist over his head – like those within the Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers movement do.

This has all happened just in the first weekend of the preseason and there are six more months of anti-American antics to go if this is allowed to continue. The start of this has sparked demands from infuriated citizens to stop it by financial punishment or ban from playing in games. People want to see the NFL do the right thing putting a precedence on patriotism over the sport.

Now, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally spoken on the matter, making an announcement that’s pissing people off worse than what these entitled players are doing on the sidelines.

The commissioner had the opportunity to condemn the actions of these players but instead, put the problem on the fans who are furious about it. Rather than punishing the athletes who are abusing their platforms, Goodell is calling for Americans to be “more understanding” of what they are trying to say with their protests.He drew the line and picked the wrong side when he had the chance to do something to truly unite the country and keep politics out of America’s favorite pastime.

New York Daily News reports:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says football fans should be more understanding when players protest the national anthem.

During a Q&A session with Cardinals season-ticket holders, Goodell was asked if he believes protests are “going to be another problem” this season.

“It’s one of those things where we have to understand that there are people who have different viewpoints,” Goodell said via ESPN. “It’s something that I think everybody wants. The national anthem is a special moment for me. It’s a point of pride. That is a really important moment but we also have to understand the other side – that people do have rights, and we want to respect those.”

Goodell knows that this controversial stance is going to bring about some backlash and has apparently accepted that fact even though it’s a huge risk to the NFL.

Downtrend didn’t put it lightly what this exactly means for Goodall and the NFL:

“The league has invested a lot of resources into presenting itself as a patriotic organization over the years and has seen it all go up in smoke due to a small amount of oppressed multi-millionaires rallying around a locker room pariah as if he was Mohandas f*cking Gandhi,” Downtrend reported.

“There is going to be an immense backlash coming if enough black players choose to go rogue with some sort of ugly protest, strike or statement that further rubs raw the sores of racial discontent – or more precisely, rubs salt into the already raw sores that exist because of Kaepernick’s recalcitrance and Goodell’s incompetence.”

The commissioner put the final nail in the coffin for this football season with his acceptance of these protests and refusal to demand respect out of these guys who get paid millions to play a game. Many Americans aren’t afraid to protest as well and will do so by boycotting the NFL.Image result for NFL CommissionerThere’s a lot more that people can do with their time than sit around and give these players the attention they so desire with their “protests.” We’ll see how important this message is to these people when they arrive on Sunday to play in a practically empty stadium.

CBS Vice Pres Just Walked Out To Her WORST Nightmare After Saying Vegas Victims Deserved To Die..!

The nation is still reeling from the news of an attacker taking the lives of dozens of Americans and injuring hundreds more, and the hits just keep on coming. At a time when we should be unifying to support one another and try to figure out how to keep things like this from happening ever again, some are more interested in pointing fingers.No matter who you are, or what your political background or allegiances, it’s truly inhumane to wish for the deaths of others. That kind of thinking is what gets us tragedies like the Holocaust. Life is precious, and someone has to prove themselves a menace to society to deserve death in this country. And that judgment is made by a jury of their peers.

However, at least one of the top lawyers at CBS was willing to forgo that little technicality we call due process and say that the Las Vegas massacre was probably ok because country music fans are generally right-leaning.

According to Fox News ,”CBS has parted ways with one of the company’s top lawyers after she said she is ‘not even sympathetic’ to victims of the Las Vegas shooting because ‘country music fans often are Republican,’ when discussing the tragic mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas late Sunday night.”

Being Republican may not be popular in corporate America, but it shouldn’t give anyone a license to kill you either. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with the country or the company that she’s supposed to represent. Thankfully the organization was willing to cut ties with someone who espouses such sentiments. They were eager to distance themselves from the situation once word of her social media posts got out.

“Hayley Geftman-Gold, the network’s now-former vice president and senior counsel, took to Facebook after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, killing at least 58 people and sending more than 500 others to hospitals.”Image result for CBS Vice PresThis exploded on news websites, including our own and CBS was quick to make sure that the country knew they weren’t condoning her behavior:

“This individual, who was with us for approximately one year, violated the standards of our company and is no longer an employee of CBS. Her views as expressed on social media are deeply unacceptable to all of us at CBS. Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas and their families,” a CBS spokeswoman told Fox News.

‘If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs [sic] will ever do the right thing,’ Geftman-Gold wrote in a now-deleted message that was first reported and captured by The Daily Caller.

Geftman-Gold continued: ‘I’m actually not even sympathetic bc [sic] country music fans often are Republican gun toters [sic].’

Geftman-Gold is presumably referring to Sandy Hook, which occurred in Newtown, Conn. back in 2012. A 20-year-old gunman, Adam Lanza, killed 20 children and six adults during the tragic event that sparked intense political debates regarding gun control.

It’s disturbing that anyone who’s passed the bar in any state in this country would consider cold-blooded murder an acceptable way to solve problems. Not to mention is it completely anti-American, it’s completely inhuman. The day that we, as people, lose our ability to feel the pain of others is the day we become a menace to society ourselves.

There’s a distinct likelihood that the very sentiments that Geftman-Gold is voicing here are similar to the ones that the gunman felt prior to this atrocity. When we’re young, seeing others hurting is something that makes us inherently on edge, or even feel that pain ourselves and we’re taught not to be cruel and callous.

Maybe life slaps us around and makes us unfeeling, or maybe we choose to stop feeling for others, but regardless, it’s a trait that can cause untold damage, as we saw today. The network obviously understands how horrible her comments were because they just can’t get far enough away from her.
According to Fox “Geftman-Gold did not work directly with the network’s news division. According to her LinkedIn bio, Geftman-Gold worked at CBS since September 2016 and graduated from the prestigious Columbia University law school in 2000.”

We all want to make sense of what happened, and we all want someone to blame. The right wants to blame the left, and the left wants to blame the white supremacist. What we can safely say is that there is hatred on both sides. Yes, we have defining differences that we shouldn’t give in on because it would change the very landscape of our country, but that doesn’t mean we have to consider our fellow man to be any less human because they disagree.Related imageI don’t want to say that love will conquer all because it probably won’t, but we know for darn sure that hatred won’t. So keep the faith, be strong, stand up for your beliefs, but don’t forget why you’re doing it; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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Onlookers FLOORED By What They Just Caught A Truck Hauling Away From Concert Shooting Today..!

The horrific scene that took place just feet from the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in Las Vegas is still being sorted through. With far more questions than answers in this hour, the country is trying to process what took place. Now, witnesses on the scene who lived to talk about the horror of what was supposed to be a fun festival are now revealing what they saw being hauled away from the country’s largest massacre in modern history, which left them speechless.

It’s interesting that of all the mass shootings which have taken place since the Columbine High School shooting on April 20, 1999, the Mandalay Bay massacre this weekend is seemingly receiving the least amount of coverage (or coverage that’s seen) despite it being the largest in modern history. We as a country can come together as one in this time of mourning to work together to prevent such atrocities from repeating. Instead, the silence is deafening and divisive, and mainstream media seems to refuse to show what witnesses exposed they saw being hauled away in the back of a pickup truck.

If the purpose of squelching coverage of a sadly horrific event is to unify the nation, the effort backfires. After weeks of divisive protests giving overpaid sports stars endless coverage for their supposed statement on unity, real gestures of humanity were happening but not being seen since they happened on a sudden battlefield, not a football field.

After one man rained down literal hell on thousands of people, victims showed a resolve to help each other than needs to be seen. It took an unassuming couple in his truck to do what an entire season of NFL kneelers could never accomplish but will get far less coverage for the gesture.

Louder With Crowder reports:

“After the horrible shooting in Las Vegas that has left Americans at a loss for intelligent words, it’s easy to lose hope in humanity (see BREAKING: Las Vegas Shooting Kills 50, Leaves 400 Injured… and Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at NRA, Silencers After Las Vegas Shooting). Especially with the leftists crying gun control before the situation has been fully assessed. But along with great tragedy, hope rears its sparkly head.”Image result for Onlookers FLOORED By What They Just Caught A Truck Hauling Away From Concert Shooting Today..!“One couple used their truck as a makeshift ambulance because that’s what being a human is all about.”

“Leftists, take note, this is real compassion. No shouting in protest. No crying about guns. Taking real action to help real people with real issues. If you really want to help America, you’ll start volunteering, working hard to improve the lives of those around you.”

Protests, of any kind, don’t come near what this couple in a truck did with actual action. It didn’t matter what the victims’ individual politics were, who they voted for, what agenda they personally abided by and wanted for the nation, or what they thought their ancestors suffered – their actual suffering was all that mattered in that moment. The American spirit came through when it mattered most and that’s what needs to be seen.

“There is hope for humanity. We all just have to choose the right ‘protesting’ choices,” Louder with Crowder continued. “Also, get refreshed on your gun savviness. You’ll need it dealing with idiotic leftists over this shooting.”

It’s disturbing that liberals, who act like they care about humanity and unity, will only use a tragedy to their advantage if they see an opportunity. They hit the gas on this one with preaching for gun control, squelching all “free speech” about what’s really happening with this horrific event, to give precedence to their push. When the gun control argument didn’t seem to pick up steam, the conversation on social media practically came to a halt, and that’s not because nobody was talking about it.

Tragedies should never be “used” for anything other than a reality check of the world we live in today. However, there are always “helpers” in the hell and they are the real heroes. The human spirit needs to be seen. It inspires more than kneeling on a sideline ever will to truly accomplish “unity” if that’s really the goal of these sports stars.Related imageThis couple in a truck didn’t care who or what race you were when they suddenly became first responders to ensure there were more survivors than victims. They didn’t care who was there to catch them on camera since their actions weren’t about making a statement – it was only about making a difference.

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Trump Finally Admitted of having Incest Relation with Ivanka

By Laura E. Adkins

On December 14, Julia loffe’s Politico contract was terminated after she tweeted, “Either Trump is fucking his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?” The tweet linked to a report in The Hill that claimed Ivanka Trump will get the White House office space traditionally reserved for the first lady.


That evening, loffe posted a series of messages on her personal account, apologizing for what she had written. “Mesothelioma survival rates”

“It was a tasteless, offensive tweet that I regret and have deleted. I am truly and deeply sorry. It won’t happen again,” the journalist wrote.

loffe did make a point to note, however, that the country has “a president-elect who popularized ‘saying what everyone is thinking.’”

Indeed, Trump has never shied away from vocalizing his objectionable thoughts on his daughter’s looks. Here are some of the most outrageous comments:


When asked what he and his daughter both consider their favorite things, Trump answered, “I was going to say sex, but I can relate to [golf and real estate].” “Mesothelioma survival rates”


“Ivanka posing for Playboy would be really disappointing… not really. But it would depend on what was inside the magazine…I don’t think Ivanka would [do a nude shoot] inside the magazine, Although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.


“You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody? And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body.”


She’s actually always been very voluptuous… she’s tall, she’s almost 6 feet tall… she’s a real beauty.”


“Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father….


“Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”


Michigan Bar Owner Gives Nazi Salute On Facebook & Immediately Regrets It


Over the last few days, many white supremacists have gotten what they deserve for participating in the “Unite the Right” rally that took place last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. Many participants have been identified via social media and have lost their jobs and even been arrested as a result…

“mesothelioma survival rates”

Michigan bar owner Aaron VanArsdale may not have participated in the rally, but he’s facing backlash as photos of him have surfaced that suggest he might have attended if he lived a bit closer.

Kalamazoo locals have been protesting outside and calling for boycotts of VanArsdale’s bar, Craft Draft 2 Go, after photos were posted on Facebook showing him with a swastika on his forehead and giving the stiff-armed Nazi salute.

Craft Draft 2 Go was also vandalized on Tuesday night, with the words “get out” and “F*ck you Nazi scum” spray painted on its exterior in white letters.

VanArsdale tried to defend himself on Wednesday during an interview with WWMT, a local Michigan news station. He told WWMT that he no longer feels safe and that his employees are too scared to come to work. He added: “mesothelioma survival rates”

‘The public is crucifying me.

‘I’m not a Nazi, I’m not a white supremacist—I’m trying to think of all the names I’ve been called.’

When asked how he explains the fact that there are multiple questionable photos of him making the rounds on social media, VanArsdale said the photos were simply “bad humor.”

‘Again, I’m not a Nazi; bad humor.

‘I’m not a Nazi, I don’t support hate groups.’

When pressed further about whether or not he sees why people would think he is a Nazi supporter when he appears in photos like the ones shown above, VanArsdale admitted that “sure,” he understands the confusion.

However, he argued that him posing for those photos was “bad judgment” but not bigotry.

‘Bad judgment, attempt at humor that didn’t turn out so well. You know, I’m not trying to make excuses that’s what it was. I don’t stand for that, I’m not pro-hate groups. I’m not in any extreme groups.’

The bar owner said that he is a pro-American and Libertarian who condemns extremism and believes in “equal rights for everybody.” He then added: “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

‘You know there’s hot topics that I should probably just stay away from, you know, as a lot of people should. It gets misunderstood.’

VanArsdale also said that he probably will not return to the bar when it does reopen and instead will leave it in the hands of his business partner.

‘I made a mistake, I am going to own up to it. I hope the business will succeed without me.

Minneapolis attorney booted from law firm after he’s exposed as the owner of neo-Nazi record label

21 AUG 2017 AT 15:05 ET

Image result for Minneapolis attorney booted from law firm after he’s exposed as the owner of neo-Nazi record label

Minneapolis patent law firm has dismissed an attorney after his partners were alerted to his ownership of a record label that releases music by neo-Nazi and white supremacist artists.

“Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

According to the City Pages, attorney Aaron Davis, a partner at Patterson Thuente had been placed on “administrative leave.” but now his biography has been scrubbed from the firm’s website due to his involvement with Behold Barbarity records.

Image result for Minneapolis attorney booted from law firm after he’s exposed as the owner of neo-Nazi record label

Davis was outed over his connection to the label by the City Paper last week, with reporter Susan Du noting the subject matter and song names the label promotes.

“Take Deathkey, whose 2010 album is called Behead the Semite. Then there’s Aryanwulf, whose songs include ‘Kill the Jews’ and ‘At the Dawn of a New Aryan Empire,’” Du wrote. “There’s also the Raunchous Brothers, whose rhyming poetics include such passages as, ‘You’re of no use to me, you disgraceful f*cking dyke, so I’ll shove you in the oven like the glorious Third Reich.’”

“Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

Image result for Minneapolis attorney booted from law firm after he’s exposed as the owner of neo-Nazi record label

In response the law firm issued a statement within hours, saying “In light of allegations in a local article regarding one of our partners, Aaron Davis, Patterson Thuente Pedersen, P.A. has placed Mr. Davis on indefinite administrative leave effective immediately. As a firm, we are in no way affiliated with any of Mr. Davis’ outside pursuits.”

Since that time, the man once described on the firm’s website as “a key member of Patterson Thuente’s litigation team,” has been dismissed.

“Aaron Davis is no longer employed by Patterson Thuente Pedersen, P.A. Prior to the story, no one in the firm had any inclination regarding the allegations in the article,” a statement issued by the law firm on Monday explains.

Image result for Minneapolis attorney booted from law firm after he’s exposed as the owner of neo-Nazi record label

“Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

Every Biker Has Heard Trump’s NEW Call! Look Which City They Are Heading To Now

President Trump is holding a rally in Pheonix on Tuesday, and leftist groups are already trying to cause trouble. Fourteen groups are going to protest the rally, and have urged others to book free tickets to attend so that the arena seats are empty…

But, Washington Times reports, those protestors didn’t count on one thing- bikers. Bikers for Trump’s Arizona Cobra Chapter put out a call to action to its members, saying: “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

“Donald Trump is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center to hold a rally. There have been plans for Charlottesville sympathizers to protest. We need our bikers to show up and keep people safe.”

“They are supposed to start at 6:00. We think we need to be there by at least 4:00. That is when the doors open. If there are people outside waiting to get in, we don’t want anyone to harass them. Protesters have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to threaten or intimidate. That is why we need to be there.” “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

The groups that plan on protesting the convention center include: the Democratic Socialists of Phoenix, Arizona Resist, Desert Progressives, Students for a Democratic Society, Puente Arizona, and Cosplayers Against Hate.

These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re not going to be a great line of defense against the creepy and dangerous “alt-left” protestors. And before the leftists start crying white supremacy, here’s a video of the group condemning hate! “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

I’d feel pretty good going to the rally knowing these guys were on my side!


Trump’s ultimatum to Nato: Spend more or we…

Image result for Trump's ultimatum to Nato: Spend more or we...

Donald Trump’s government has issued an ultimatum to Nato members, demanding they start increasing defence spending or Washington will “moderate its commitment” to them.

Gen James Mattis, the Pentagon chief, said the new “political reality” in America meant it was unacceptable for America to continue carrying the burden of defending European states.

Low-spending countries were in denial and had turned their back on the threat posed by Russia and Islamic State, the newly appointed US defence secretary said.

Gen Matis said the alliance must set out a timetable for when members will reach the Nato target of spending 2 per cent of GDP on their militaries. “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

Image result for Trump's ultimatum to Nato: Spend more or we...

Nato | Who pays?

Nato members are required to spend 2 per cent of their GDP on defence. In practice, this is rarely the case, with the UK being one of just five Nato members to do so.

Selected members by spending, as a percentage of GDP (According to Nato)

United States 3.61pc
Greece 2.38pc
United Kingdom 2.21pc
Estonia 2.16pc
Poland 2pc

Related image

The blunt warning came as the White House is embroiled in its own crisis about alleged contact between members of Mr Trump’s election team and senior Russian spies.

Nato sources at a meeting of defence ministers in Brussels said they were waiting to see how the new US administration will tackle an increasingly aggressive Russia after a string of mixed messages from Mr Trump. “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

The new US president has repeatedly refused to criticise Vladimir Putin’s actions, but as the White House faced growing pressure over its links with Moscow, Mr Trump last night (WED) said that Russia had “taken” Crimea.

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Key members of Mr Trump’s new government are making their first official visits to Europe this week and Mike Pence, vice president, is due to meet the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

Addressing other defence ministers at a Nato conference in Brussels, Gen Mattis said America’s call for other nations to pull their weight was a “fair demand” based on the “political reality” in Washington.

His warning came only weeks after Theresa May returned from a trip to Washington maintaining that Mr Trump was “100 per cent behind Nato”.

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Gen Mattis said the new US administration still regarded the alliance as the “fundamental bedrock” of the transatlantic community.

However it was no longer acceptable for the American taxpayer to “carry a disproportionate share of the defence of Western values,” according to a statement released after closed-door talks with his counterparts.

“Americans cannot care more for your children’s future security than you do,” he said.

He said: “America will meet its responsibilities, but if your nations do not want to see America moderate its commitment to this Alliance, each of your capitals needs to show support for our common defence.” “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

He gave not details of how America might moderate its support.

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Nato allies had been hoping for reassurance that the world’s only military superpower remained committed to the alliance, after Mr Trump attacked the alliance during his election campaign.

Mr Trump has called the alliance “obsolete” and suggested that America will not defend European nations who do not spend more.

Gen Mattis, attending his first gathering of Nato defence ministers, said some alliance members had “looked away in denial”, even as Europe has faced growing threats from Russia in the east and Islamic State militants in the south.

Nato asks all members to spend 2 per cent of their national income on defence, but only five of them do – America, Britain, Greece, Estonia and Poland. The alliance is largely reliant on America, which spends more than the other members combined. Germany spends only 1.2 per cent on defence, while Italy and Spain, two of Europe’s larger economies, spend barely 1 per cent.

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Gen Mattis, said: “Despite the threats from the east and south, we have failed to fill gaps in our Nato response force or to adapt,” he added.

After the meeting, Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, said: “the impatience of the American taxpayer is a reality”.

He said Gen Mattis had told alliance members that US Congress would “not continue to tolerate unequal burden-sharing.”

Jens Stoltenberg, Nato secretary general, denied Gen Mattis’ remarks were not “the US telling Europe to increase defense spending”. “Mesothelioma Survival Rates”

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He said members in the collective defence alliance were “looking into each other’s eyes and agreeing that we shall increase spending”.

Gen Mattis’s warning came after a respected defence think tank said Britain’s defence spending had dipped just below the two per cent benchmark. The Ministry of Defence dismissed the report, saying the International Institute for Strategic Studies had got its sums wrong.

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